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Survivors of cults, gangs and human trafficking share their stories at Loveland conference.

The conference was organized by counselor Connie Mitchell, who runs Freedom’s Hope Counseling in Loveland. Mitchell is a survivor of a cult, and decided to organize the event to help people learn more about how cults, also known as high-demand groups, operate.

Lundstrom walked through the many ways that her time in a sex trafficking ring was like a cult: the pimp the ultimate authority, and questioning and dissent were punished. She was isolated from family and friends, and was forced to work constantly in service to her pimp. She was constantly told that she could never survive in the outside world.

Lundstorm is now the director of the organization Free Our Girls in Greeley, which runs a safe house for survivors of sex trafficking and educates the public about what trafficking looks like in Northern Colorado.

At a panel discussion at the end of the day, survivors of different high-demand groups discussed their experiences.

To read the article please click link below.

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