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People Can Be Hurtful

People can be hurtful.

We are vulnerable to the things that matter most to us. Sometimes those things are people and we hold their opinions in a highly measurable scale.

In order to try to find true happiness and build it into joy we must hack those opinions and even the ones on a lower scale in order to evolve within ourselves.

We find comfort in that which can destroy us from many levels. Take a peaceful moment to reassess how things affect your life both positive and negative.

Comfort allow us to drown in emotion and never feel true happiness if we’re not pursuing it constantly. We become slaves of the secular world and lose face of our individual spirituality.

The safety of depression is then leaked and begins to flood and it overwhelms our energy.

We really don’t need so-called valued opinions or creature comforts to define us.

Success comes from the energy we invest in ourselves and pushing our passions to a high and living joy of understanding there is no competition. You are you and there is no one else like you, which makes you number one in all categories.

Do not let anything ever steal you away from yourself. You are sought after and your story isn’t over yet.

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