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It’s okay to put you first.

It’s not selfish to want to put yourself first. The key to anything in life, in order to find truth and value, you have to build up your self-worth. Boundaries are also a huge part in on how we interact in daily situations and aid with control over anxiety or depression.

Building your self-worth not only creates new paths where you may feel stuck, but you also start to relieve yourself of negativity and other stresses. Your emotions and feelings are also vital. When you have anxiety or depression that imbalance can distort your focus from the things that matter most, including yourself.

The importance of boundaries is to show the level of respect and honesty of your relationships and daily interactions. When respect and honesty are impacted negatively is begins to steal your peace. The idea behind the bias is to eliminate it before it becomes and uncontrollable monster. This is why setting boundaries is helpful. It draws a line and a vibe out to people that says “I will not let you steal my PEACE!”

At the end of the day your self-worth and peace are the true reflection of your greater self. Do not be persuaded by the negatives. This is easier said then done, because I know the challenges are great and they weigh heavily.

Do not fear. Ask for help or have a conversation, but don’t let it harden and erase everything of you that is great. Your energy is needed in this world, for here, today and for the future.

This is a post from a blog I started with good intent called #minfulseasons, but I want to be able to share them with the great community of #Hope4_2morrow as well.

We have great appreciation for all of your journeys and stories.

#yourstoryisntover #mindfulseasons #putyoufirst #nopeacestealers #Hope4_2morrow

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